Reletter: The Best Newsletter Advertising Platform

Wouldn't it be great to find a search engine, especially for newsletters? Even better, a search engine that throws up everything brands and marketers need to know about a newsletter before pitching a sponsorship deal.

Meet Reletter.

"Reletter is a first-of-its-kind newsletter search engine. We're on a mission to index every email newsletter on the web (starting with Substack and LinkedIn newsletters). If you're looking to sponsor a newsletter in your niche, get featured in newsletters or even cross-promote your own newsletter with other writers, Reletter was made for you."

- James Potter, Founder.

Our goal is to save you time and effort.

Rather than spend countless hours searching the web for elusive information, we put it all at advertisers' fingertips. We scour the internet for you, aggregating dozens of data points for every Substack and LinkedIn newsletter and bringing it all into focus on one easy-to-use page.

Why use Reletter?

Get in at the start

Substack and LinkedIn newsletters are flying under the radar when it comes to newsletter sponsorship. Many of their creators haven't considered accepting advertisers or sponsors before, so there are relatively few advertisements on these platforms.

Another marketplace may have some Substack or LinkedIn newsletters on their books, but only because those newsletter creators choose to create a listing. Many more aren't listed on any platform other than Reletter.

Search with ease

Our site puts 1.4 million Substack and LinkedIn newsletters within easy reach. That gives you far more opportunities to find newsletters where subscribers form a similar audience to yours than on other platforms.

There's no other way to search for Substack and LinkedIn newsletters so quickly and easily.

Invaluable info

We offer a ton of invaluable information in our newsletter database. When you click on a newsletter link, you'll find subscriber numbers, traffic, chart rankings, contact info and more. We've even considered the money aspect by estimating how much it might cost a brand to sponsor each newsletter.

Track your pipeline

Our pipeline manager helps you keep tabs on where you're at with each newsletter on your list by assigning a status like Prospect, Pitched, Warm or Booked.

Learn more about newsletter sponsorships and ads

We've compiled some valuable guides for advertisers and newsletter creators about advertising on Substack and LinkedIn. Check them out if you're wondering what email advertising in newsletters is all about and why you should consider Substack and LinkedIn newsletter sponsorships.

How to use our newsletter advertising platform

1. Search for newsletters in your niche

Start the search on your home screen. You'll find a search bar with four options: Newsletters by Topic, Title, Author or Issues.

Selecting Topic brings up all the newsletters relevant to that category or search. (Try clicking on our list of popular industry categories or type in your topic or phrase.) Use Author and Title when searching for a particular newsletter or writer. Issues will come up with all newsletter issues or editions about your selected theme.

For example, my architecture search in Topic revealed a long list of newsletters about architecture in some way, shape or form.

Architecture newsletters on Reletter
Search with topic

However, the same search in Issues brought up newsletter issues that mention the word architecture. In other words, it links to issues from many different newsletters rather than the actual publications.

Newsletter issues about architecture on Reletter
Search with issues 

You can refine your search by selecting filters from the buttons below the search bar. Reletter then searches newsletter titles and descriptions to find relevant email newsletters.

Search filters for newsletters on Reletter
Narrow your search with filters.

2. Check their subscriber numbers

Under Subscribers you'll find how many subscribers a newsletter has. Monthly Visits (only available for Substack newsletters) indicates how popular the newsletter website might be, and we calculate the Engagement Score from the growth in likes and comments over the past 180 days. We show it as a score between 0-100. Put together, these three metrics give a good indication of the overall audience engagement and whether readers are enjoying a newsletter.

Newsletter audience statistics on Reletter
Newsletter audience details

3. Check possible newsletter advertising costs

We can't give fully accurate numbers for ad costs (you'll have to contact newsletter publishers for that.) However, we can give you an estimate of what it might cost advertisers to sponsor the newsletter. That helps you decide if potential sponsorships might fit within your marketing budget.

Chart showing estimated cost per newsletter ad on Reletter
Estimated cost per ad for this particular newsletter

4. Compare other stats

You can get another indication of how many people are interested in a Substack newsletter from its chart rankings. This particular newsletter ranks #2 of all paid Technology newsletters. (Clicking the blue topic link reveals the whole chart.)

Substack chart rankings for newsletters on Reletter

We also gather information on other newsletters recommended by Substack newsletter creators and publish those in the Related section. Clicking the blue newsletter name takes you to their entry on Reletter. Checking out related newsletters can typically reveal hidden gems you'd be hard-pressed to find on your own.

Related newsletters on Reletter

5. Pitch

Reletter's pitch editor makes pitching newsletters a breeze. Why not use some of our templates rather than trying to create your own winning pitch?

  • Tap Send a pitch.
  • We'll ask you to create a new list or add the newsletter to an existing list. Using lists lets you keep track of your pitches in Pipeline Manager.
  • Choose from our proven Pitch Templates ¬†and customize the email with your sponsorship proposal and details from the newsletter. (If you don't fancy a template, you can write your own email on Reletter and save it as a template for any future newsletter advertising campaigns.)
Newsletter ad pitch templates on Reletter
  • We'll include a handy sidebar to put snippets of key information at your finger tips. (Makes it super easy to copy/paste phrases like the newsletter title.) Switch to the Issues sidebar and you'll find the latest issues without moving away from the email template.
Newsletter ad pitch template example on Reletter
  • When the email's done, tap Choose a contact and add an email address from Reletter or type a different contact address if you have one.
  • Time to send. You have two options, Open in my email client and Copy the pitch to my clipboard.
  • Finally, tap Sent my pitch to update your Pipeline Manager. Select Remind me to follow up if you'd like us to send you a reminder email in three days.
Pitch follow-up reminder on Reletter

Use Reletter to cross promote your newsletter

What if you have a newsletter and are interested in partnering with other publishers? Cross-promoting can be an effective way to reach a new audience who would likely be interested in reading your newsletter (and buying your product or service, too.)

Use Reletter to find and reach out to other newsletters in your industry.

First, do a newsletter search and check the details of likely prospects. Next, check their Related and Charts information to find even more possibilities. Make a list of all potential publishers and reach out via our contact list. (Create your own email or adapt one of our templates to suit.)

Possible cross-promotion ideas:

  • Suggest featuring in each other's newsletters
  • Give each other a shout out on social media or as part of your newsletter
  • Suggest using Substack Recommendations (get to know each other first; some creators don't like other publishers asking them for recommendations.)
  • Read our Full Guide To Cross-Promotion to get the full rundown.

Final thoughts

Newsletter research can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be because using the right newsletter sponsorship platform makes all the difference.

Right at the start of the year, we predicted that email newsletters would be a hot topic in 2023 and well worth the money for sponsors and advertisers wanting to reach a bespoke audience.

We haven't changed our minds.

So, if you want to take advantage of the biggest email trend and streamline your search, join Reletter.

Save time, reach more readers and enjoy your newsletter search journey with our 7-day free trial.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Reletter

Find, contact and get featured in email newsletters

Reletter gives you subscriber numbers, contacts, chart rankings and more across 1.2m+ newsletters.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Reletter

Find, contact and get
featured in email newsletters

Reletter gives you subscriber numbers, contacts, chart rankings and more across 1.2m+ newsletters.