Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplaces: Try This Alternative

Is your brand considering newsletter sponsorships or searching for email newsletters with open ad slots?

Some marketers would head to a newsletter marketplace to look for potential partners. However, Reletter offers a revolutionary alternative to sponsorship marketplaces.

Here's how we do it.

What is a newsletter sponsorship marketplace?

A newsletter advertising marketplace connects newsletter creators with potential sponsors and advertisers online.

When publishers want to monetize their newsletters, they can join a marketplace platform, allowing them space to describe who their readers are and what sort of people they're interested in working with.

When advertisers join the marketplace, they can search through the categories to find newsletters with audiences that match their target customers. Similarly, newsletter writers can also approach brands and potential sponsors through the marketplace.

Try Reletter as an alternative

Reletter is not a marketplace. It's the first-of-its-kind newsletter search engine, with the exciting mission to index all email newsletters. Reletter provides data for over a million Substack and LinkedIn publications, aiming to add more platforms over time.

Our search engine aggregates dozens of data points for every newsletter. It is perfect if you want to invite other publishers to cross-promote or attract potential sponsorships.

Advertisers want to harness the power of newsletters, but they don't have countless hours to find the data manually. Now, with a few simple searches, it's all in one place.

Interested? Let's see how Reletter can work for you.

Find the right newsletters for any topic or niche

Look for your ideal partners using the search bar on your home page. Reletter allows for many search types, including newsletter topic, title, author or issues.

Searching by topic helps you find creators with an audience that matches yours. Or you may already know the newsletter's name or author and want to research the stats before you connect.

Search for business newsletters on Reletter
Reletter Search Bar: filter your search for optimized results

Use Reletter's search filters to focus your search criteria

You can:

  • Specify the size of the newsletter by Subscribers (e.g. between 25k-50k)
  • Activate the Sponsored content and Active buttons to eliminate old newsletters or those that don't accept sponsorships.
  • Look for publications in your language or specify the platform (e.g., Substack only.)
  • Filter by engagement to find authors with a high range of audience engagement, (measured by the growth in readers' comments and likes over the past 180 days.)
  • Select the Publishing Model button to filter by Free, Freemium or Paid Issues only. De-select it if you're interested in all types.
  • Stipulate publication frequency (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) with the Publishes button.
  • The Founded button filters by the year the newsletter began.
  • Choose by online popularity: Monthly Visits reveals a newsletter's estimated website visits per month.

Get newsletter data you can't get elsewhere

Reletter provides a range of information on each newsletter in its database. At the top, you'll find some background information as well as a website link so you can easily find out more.

Femstreet newsletter on Reletter

Scroll down the page to find information about the Audience, Author and relevant social platforms. You'll discover how many people subscribe and how engaged the audience appears. If the author publishes on Substack, you'll also see where their newsletter ranks in the Substack charts.

Newsletter audience stats on Reletter

Read the latest issues on Reletter

Of course, you want to read through a few issues to see what a newsletter is offering before you consider reaching out. You can browse a newsletter edition on the Reletter platform or view the original. Reading an edition on Reletter works if you want to check out the content and ideas quickly. If you like what you see, choose 'Read the Original' to experience the impact of the layout, colors, advertising placement, etc.

Reading newsletter issues lets you see who else is putting in sponsored content and gives you an insight into the author's ideas and style.

Artificial Intelligence newsletter issues

Get contact info to reach out fast

Don't go searching for creators' details online. Reletter takes you straight to their most relevant contact links. These include website or blog links, email addresses and social links.

Weekend Briefing newsletter contact details on Reletter

Build target lists and export them

You'll likely find several newsletters that would fit your business goals, so Reletter has a handy list function to save all your finds in one place.

Your advertising campaign may involve offering sponsorships to several people. Or the first newsletter you reach out to may not accept your offering. Either way, it makes sense to have a list rather than go back and start the search again.

Investing newsletters target list on Reletter
Lists help you keep track of prospects, pitches, follow-ups and more.

Track mentions across 1m+ newsletters

Newsletter readers often mention or quote their favorite newsletter issues online. Reletter currently lists and links to mentions on Reddit and Twitter.

Newsletter social media mentions listed on Reletter

Pitch newsletter authors on Reletter

Finally, when you're ready to make money or connect, Reletter includes pitch templates to help create a winning sponsorship or cross-promotion bid. (Tip: Read our guide to newsletter sponsorship before you start.)

Reletter's pitch template options
Reletter's pitch template options 

Final thoughts

Newsletter sponsorship marketplaces can be super helpful, but an author won't list their newsletter on every single one. Unless you join them all, you're missing some potential golden opportunities.

Try Reletter instead, to find everything on Substack or LinkedIn. Start with a free trial today.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Reletter

Find, contact and get featured in email newsletters

Reletter gives you subscriber numbers, contacts, chart rankings and more across 1.2m+ newsletters.

Lyn McNamee

Lyn McNamee

Writer at Reletter

Find, contact and get
featured in email newsletters

Reletter gives you subscriber numbers, contacts, chart rankings and more across 1.2m+ newsletters.