View Substack's Staff Picks newsletters and their subscriber numbers. Reletter provides these chart rankings so that you have a starting point for working out which ones to get featured in.

Tap on a newsletter to view more data including engagement scores, traffic estimates, contacts and more. Check out previous issues as part of your newsletter research and make a target list of ones to reach out to.

Looking to sponsor newsletters? Reletter gives you access to subscriber numbers, contacts, chart rankings and more across 1.6m+ newsletters.

What are Substack's Staff Picks newsletters?

Substack curates a list of its favorite newsletters to help readers find new and interesting ones to subscribe to. Tap on a newsletter to see its stats such as subscriber numbers, contact info, engagement scores and more.

What is this list of Substack Staff Picks newsletters for?

Reletter pulled these newsletters from the Staff Picks section on Substack to help you discover ones to reach out to and get featured in.

This list is human-curated by members of Substack's staff which gives it some extra weight.

How often do you update the charts?

Only Substack knows how often their Staff Picks newsletters list is updated, but the rankings you see on Reletter are updated daily.

As far as we understand, some of these curated charts are updated frequently and others are not.

What is Reletter useful for?

Reletter provides a range of email newsletter stats to help marketers, agencies and creators find the best ones to get featured in. Search for newsletters by topic and view subscriber numbers, engagement scores, contact info, social links and lots more.